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Gym Screen shot - multi camera
Single operator Multi-cam Shoot.
Security Night Shot
Easily Control PTZ Security Cameras
Multi Camera Icon
Mix and Match Cameras from different Vendors
Church OBS Screenshot
Works great with OBS! Budget friendly setup that scales from proof of concept to full production.
Chapel Desk Setup
Works with Wirecast! Save $$$ by skipping expensive hardware switchers and controllers.
Wirecast Stadium Screen shot
Track on field Action, easily get the close shot and follow.
  • Easily control one or multiple cameras
  • PTZ, Presets and Switching control in one
  • Move two cameras at the same time (position shot & track subject)
  • House of Worship
  • Typically takes 5minutes to train (perfect for volunteers)
  • Instant recall of camera Presets for common shots
  • Sports
  • Great for tracking action
  • Game Controller reduces fatigue-great for long days
  • Events
  • Single Operator Production Crews
  • Reduce number of camera operators
  • Works With:
    VMIX vMix
    Wirecast Wirecast
    Non-linear video editing system 1 Hardware Switchers
    Non-linear video editing system 2 And More...
    (support keyboard controls)
    CamController is a product from Fish-Bytes LLC
    Tested with Cameras from the following providers.
    IP Coming Soon
    ONVIF (IP)